TS multi-plant shredders: Versatility and efficiency!

Thanks to the patented MIXED ROTOR of multi-plant shredders from TS's GREEN SERIES range, branches and hedge trimmings are no longer waste!


The Mixed Rotor formula developed and patented by TS combines hammers and knives to effectively shred branches and all types of plants.

The +

  • Waste volume reduction up to 6 times
  • Unlike a simple flail rotor, the presence of knives ensures optimum performance for wood shredding (approaching knife disc technology)
  • The presence of hammers ensures the defibration of all types of green waste by maximizing the longevity of the knives
  • Excellent ventilation for efficient disposal of all types of green waste, including wet
  • Ultra-versatile for pruners, landscapers, campsites or green space services working in urban areas.

A proven operating principle!

A proven operating principle!

When the branch has too large a diameter, the hammers retract to make room for the knives which plan it. The pieces of branch as well as the plants then pass "between the hands" of the hammers to be reduced to the minimum and evacuated from the rotor. The circumference of the hammers, greater than that of the knives, forces them to work in priority, thus protecting the knives against wear to increase their longevity. The hammers are very easy to maintain, since it is enough to replace only their pellets.

POWER MIXED ROTOR: new generation grinding!

TS is further optimizing its shredding techniques for plants and branches by launching a new generation of rotor: the POWER MIXED ROTOR. Discover it now on the GS / PumaD, GS / JaguarD and GS / CobraPG models. - Optimization of engine power - Energy and resource savings - Better respect for materials and the environment - More aesthetic shredding

POWER MIXED ROTOR: new generation grinding!

The essentials of your season

Note: all our rotors are internally balanced according to ISO 1940-1: 2003, thanks to the latest technology equipment, for a longer life and increased efficiency.